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Resume communication control with Teamwork Messenger. Employees see the flexibility consumer messenger apps provide as a way to increase their productivity but companies see it as a threat to data leakage and risk exposure. Teamwork Messenger empowers companies to leverage on the benefits brought by instant messaging, while offering a solution to address the risks and regain control, making workplace and work process friendlier to the new generation of employees. The Teamwork Messenger is a cost-effective and process-efficient supplementary communication solution to existing email, SMS and internal broadcast system.
No one reads email and
SMS is too expensive
We may have exaggerated a bit but Teamwork Messenger does pack in nicely a solution that is quicker than email, more controllable than mass-market messenger app, and completely replace expensive SMS as official message broadcast tool.
With the option of using our Teamwork secured cloud server or your in-house on-premise server deployment, all your messages will be safely transmitted and stored in a controllable environment. You can also rest assured all messages are encrypted with bank-level AES 256bits data encryption, while all activities can be retrieved and backed up from the admin console.
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